The Build Up

People in Flushing, Queens wearing masks. / Photo by Caroline Chen

The burned name tags of Shenqi Zhai and her roommate at Columbia University East Campus Residence Hall / Photo by Shenqi Zhai

People line up to hug a Chinese volunteer with a mask on during the anti-bias video filming. / Photo by Min Lin

Few customers could be seen at Pho New York Restaurant in Chinatown. / Photo by TuAnh Dam for NY City Lens

H Mart of Morningside Heights. / Photo by Yuntong Man

A pharmacy in Flushing, Queens put up a notice saying no masks are available. / Photo by Caroline Chen

N95 masks are sold at $5 each in a pharmacy in Flushing, Queens. / Photo by Caroline Chen

A tourist enjoys Times Square while wearing a mask to protect against coronavirus/ Photo by Tuanh Dam

Students made signs and lit candles to remember Dr. Li Wenliang, who died of the coronavirus./Photo by Yoonji Han for NY City Lens

The Shutdown

The Secret Theatre is one of New York City’s many independent playhouses at risk of becoming casualties of the coronavirus financial crisis. / Photo Courtesy of The Secret Theatre

Theatergoers are promised refunds for tickets as Broadway is temporarily shut down / Photo by Sudan Ouyang on Unsplash

The eating area inside Whole Foods was shut down Monday morning. / Photo by Caroline Chen

New York City public schools will have empty classrooms to slow the spread of COVID-19. / Photo Courtesy of Pixabay from Pexels


First responders are the frontline to battling COVID-19. / Photo Courtesy of The National Guard from Flickr
People wear protective face masks as they wait in line to receive free food at a curbside pantry in Brooklyn during the COVID-19 outbreak. / Photo by Mike Segar for REUTERS

Healthcare workers request that people stay home // Courtesy of Richmond University Medical Center.

Emergi-Clean technicians courtesy of Scott Vogel

Subway riders wear protective masks and gloves on a sparsely populated car during morning hours. Thursday, March 19/ AP Photo by John Minchillo

Co-founders Merk and Li and another early employee at Glimpse test out an earlier version of the app. / Photo courtesy of Glimpse

Dominican restaurant in Washington Heights, photo by Angie Hernandez Pena

Virtual appointments with doctors are on the rise amid social distancing measures / Photo courtesy of Edward Jenner for Pexels


Neighbors leave messages in Post-it notes amid stay-at-home orders / Photo by Yoonji Han for NY City Lens

On Easter Sunday, the bishop delivers his sermon in a live streamed service. / Photo by Currie Engel

A sign in the kitchen captures the difference in Easter celebrations this year. “Breakfast at 10, church at 11.” / Photo by Currie Engel

Two registered nurses wear fabric masks made by members of “Sew Away Corona” / Photo courtesy of Lisa Signorile Zahakos


A clinical trial participant is injected with a candidate coronavirus vaccine at Oxford University.

Lindsay Prokopchuk and three of her foster children at the COVID-19 testing center | Photo by Roman Prokopchuk

The Prokopchuks and their four foster children on Easter | Photo from Roman Prokopchuk

The streets of Manhattan’s Chinatown began to empty as fears of the coronavirus drove people away / Photo courtesy of Bebeto Matthews for AP

A walk-through Covid-19 testing site at the Jamsil Spots Stadium in Seoul, Korea. / Photo by Yoonji Han for NYCityLens

Anjali Golechha photo by Aryana Noroozi